What we make

The global benchmark when it comes to sealing and hose systems, SABÓ embodies perfection in the pursuit of innovative, advanced, quality solutions that only the market leader, supplier of genuine parts for the world’s top automakers, can offer to the aftermarket.

SABÓ’s portfolio comprehends Light Duty, Utility, Heavy Duty, Motorcycle, Farm Machinery, and Industrial lines, and the main items include:


Gaskets are static sealing elements. Their main job is to allow the mechanical coupling of two or more components where there is no relative movement between the parts (e.g. head/engine block). Gaskets close the gap between components, enabling them to be tightly fastened, preventing fluids and gas from leaking, and stopping harmful contaminants from entering.

Oil Seals

Oil seals are dynamic sealing components. Their main job is to ensure sealing between components that work with relative movement between the parts (e.g. transmission axle/body). Oil seals stop oils, grease, and other fluids from leaking and also stop harmful contaminants from entering systems, which makes them essential for the machine to operate optimally.

Tie Rods

Tie rods are rod-shaped articulations. They connect the antiroll bar to the suspension system and their job is to transfer dynamic forces in curves, providing more stability to the suspension and safety to the vehicle’s occupants.


Bushings are metal-rubber components that allow the suspension’s control arms to articulate, and are also called “silent-blocks”. Their job is to absorb impact and vibration, reducing unwanted noises produced by the metallic contact between parts.


Mounts are components that absorb vibration from the engine block in relation to the chassis or any other automotive system. In addition to absorption, they increase the service life of other associated components.


Diaphragms are components used in brake chambers, also known as brake cylinders. Diaphragms are responsible for activating heavy duty vehicles’ air brakes. They are fabric-reinforced rubber components responsible for turning the brake system pressure into axial movement in service braking (movement), parking, and emergency braking.


Hoses are components that conduct fluids and gases. They are some of the parts responsible for conducting fluids, such as for cooling systems, which help control the temperature of the car engine, or air admission systems, conducting air through filtering or combustion systems, or even taking fuel from the tank to the injection system.


Screws are fastening elements used to join two parts together non-permanently, that is, the parts can be put together or taken apart easily by tightening or untightening the screws that keep them together. Screws differ by the kind of thread, head, shank, and drive. SABÓ works exclusively with screws to fasten the engine head.

Cardan Shaft Bearing

Self-centering cardan bearings are used as bearing housings and, since they are exposed, these high-speed bearings are specially designed and built to be mud and water-resistant.

Shock Absorber Repair Kit

The shock absorber repair kit protects the shock absorber rod from corrosion, dust, and impacts. It consists of a Shock Absorber Mount + Boot + Bumper.

Constant-Velocity Joint Repair Kit

The constant-velocity joint repair kit protects the constant-velocity joint’s moving parts from external dirt.