Terms and Policies

Quality and Environmental Management Policy

SABÓ Indústria e Comércio de Autopeças SA., maker of sealing and conduction systems for the automotive, mechanical, agricultural machinery, and household appliances industries in the domestic and international market establishes its Quality and Environmental Management Policy with the following guidelines:

  • Meet specific quality and environmental requirements;
  • Comply with applicable Quality and Environmental Management laws;
  • Keep a management system to continually improve the organization’s performance;
  • Prevent pollution, seeking to eliminate it at source, reduce or control its environmental impact, and prioritize solid industrial waste;
  • It is the managers and employees’ duty to promote and exercise this Policy.
Environmentally-friendly production

Protecting the environment in all steps of production is paramount to the SABÓ Group. Most of the group’s plants have ISO 14001-certified environment management systems, whose aim is to plan, implement, assess, and review environment-related activities, practices, and procedures in an organization. Ongoing improvements to product design and production lines prevent or reduce industrial waste commonly produced by this kind of industry.

SABÓ employs environmental control equipment to treat liquid effluents and air emissions. Additionally, all of our employees are trained to use less water and energy to manufacture our sealing and conduction systems. In addition, part of the water used in these processes is rainwater. All of these actions aim to make the best products available to our customers, without damaging the environment.

Perfect, down to the last detail

Providing state-of-the-art, self-certified products requires that everyone involved in the SABÓ Group’s production process, anywhere in the world, share the same philosophy: seek technological perfection.

This global mindset combined with strong local operations is complemented by massive investments in design and testing equipment, cutting-edge software, professional qualification, research on raw materials, and advanced engineering, in addition to quality certifications awarded according to the strictest standards.

A set of resources that ensure all of SABÓ’s plants and offices are able to develop and lead the solutions of tomorrow.

Management for Development

One of the pillars of the sustainability concept in companies is to set up relations based on mutual respect among employees, promoting civility and fighting prejudice.

In the SABÓ Group, people management practices take into account all of our employees’ integration, well-being, and personal and professional growth.

With several Programs to promote participative management and collective growth, its multidisciplinary groups encourage every professional in the company to be collaborative and creative.

Quality and Environmental Requirements
HR Policy

As a modern company, known worldwide for the quality of its products and services, SABÓ places great value on people management practices, taking into account all of its employees’ integration, well-being, and personal and professional growth.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

This policy aims to make all of SABÓ’s employees and third parties aware of the Brazilian anti-corruption laws, especially to engage them in the mitigation of situations that might pose a risk to SABÓ, whether they are advisors, managers, directors or other professionals.

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To our Suppliers and Contractors

SABÓ maintains a close relationship with its suppliers and contractors through decades-long partnerships.

SABÓ demands quality and timeliness, but acknowledges traditions and mutual trust we earned in the market.

How to become a supplier or contractor.