Our Story

On April 22, 1942, a Hungarian toolmaker called José Sabó started a journey to what would become the SABÓ Group, a 100% Brazilian multinational company. Since the opening of his workshop in the district of Água Branca, from São Paulo to the world, SABÓ’s story reflects not only the development of the whole automotive industry, but also the dedication, competence, commitment, and recognition for its work through its employees, suppliers, distributors, and clients, without whom this journey would not make sense.

SABÓ has changed.
But it’s still the same.


Founded in 1942


São Paulo – Brazil Seals


Acquisition of a Gasket and Hose Factory



Acquisition of KACO Germany, in the city of Heilbronn – Manufacturer of seals, sealing systems, and water pumps

Acquisition of another KACO Germany plant, in the city of Talheim

New acquisition of another KACO Germany plant, in the city of Kirchardt

Acquisition of a factory in Austria, in the city of St. Michael

Acquisition of a factory in Argentina

SABÓ USA’s technical-commercial center begins operating


Construction of a seal and sealing system factory in Hungary

Technical-commercial office opens in England


Construction of SABÓ’s new seal and sealing system factory in Mogi Mirim

Technical-commercial office opens in France

Construction of SABÓ’s new US factory, in North Carolina

Technical-commercial office opens in Japan

Construction of SABÓ’s new seal and sealing system factory in China



The factory in Anhui expands the KACO Group network of factories as the second production site in China.

SABÓ sells part of its German subsidiary, KACO, to Chinese group ZHONGDING, becoming a partner of the KACO Group, one of the world’s largest suppliers of seals for OEMs.


Sale of 100% of the hose business to Italian REFLEX & ALLEN, focusing investments, resources, and knowledge on the sealing business


SABÓ turns 75.


Relocation of KACO Heilbronn and Talheim plants to Kirchardt. In this way, Kirchardt not only became the new head office, but also concentrated its entire production capacity in Germany at this location.