Product Development Technology

SABÓ keeps up with the latest product development technologies to meet the market’s needs. To exceed the expectations of the world’s top automakers, we employ the most modern engineering tools, from product design to functional tests in workbenches and vehicles.

The product development process employs simulation tools (FEA – Finite Elements Analysis) to assess functional performance even before the first test prototypes are built. These simulation tools, coupled with statistical techniques such as DOE (Design of Experiments) and 6 Sigma tools provide assertiveness to product development and ensure functionality and performance, providing the latest, best product development technology.

Product Technology

Without a doubt, what sets SABÓ apart is that its oil seals employ high-tech products and materials. SABÓ makes reduced-friction, low-wear, high-performance oil seals and sealing systems developed in tandem with some of the world’s top carmakers’ and auto parts companies’ engineering departments. Using materials specifically developed for each application ensures low wear, high resistance to extreme temperatures, and chemical resistance to oils and lubricants.

SABÓ has also developed gaskets for transmission and engine caps, designed to use aluminum + elastomer casings. Nanotechnology is used to bond them, providing chemical adherence between the elastomer and the aluminum casing, a fully environmentally-friendly process.

Process Technology

SABÓ has a team dedicated to production processes, which are constantly changing to meet the current market’s and industry’s needs, employing advanced engineering resources to simulate injection flow. As a result, the design can be enhanced even before the tools are built, reducing the need for reworks and improving product quality, leading to a world-class process with low scrap rate.

The new processes are developed with highly advanced, innovative production technologies and solutions. Committed to quality and the environment, SABÓ’s processes employ nanotechnology and plasma, which, in addition to ensuring better quality compared to conventional processes, are fully environmentally-friendly.

Production Technology

Highly-automated production lines are also unique to SABÓ. Robust processes every step of the way: vulcanization, grinding, automatic component placement, electronic inspection (Automatic Inspection Machine – AIM), grease application, automated packing, and cobots (collaborative robots). Advanced technology in every step, adding value to the product. Our production lines are considered by the world’s major automakers as World Class Manufacturing.

In 2016, fully-automated, highly-connected lines were implemented, including real-time processing and M2M interactions (Industry 4.0). Today, SABÓ is recognized by the main carmakers, auto parts manufactures, government agencies, and Brazilian industries in general as one of Brazil’s most productive companies.