Welcome to SABÓ

Welcome to SABÓ’S website. Here you can learn more about our successful journey and keep up with our latest products, services, and news, in addition to interacting with our company and team.

For 77 years, we have invested and worked hard to make sure our clients and partners can rely on a modern, efficient company to meet their needs. SABÓ believes good service is an ongoing process that involves people and technology to anticipate the future. We take great pride in being a worldwide renowned 100% Brazilian company, with manufacturing plants in several countries, and the leading supplier for both automakers and the aftermarket. Without a doubt, my grandfather, SABÓ’s founder, could never have imagined what SABÓ would become when he started his workshop in São Paulo’s district of Mooca back in 1939: a family-owned company, run by the family’s third to fourth generation, with professional management and the highest level of governance.

Over the years, we’ve invested, reinvented ourselves and sought improvement. We’ve been bold and challenged ourselves. Complying with strict standards, we’ve garnered international quality certifications, being recognized by global carmakers. This way, we’ve become a global company, present in the world’s main auto industry, development, and production centers.

We know that, if there is new technology, there is SABÓ!

Thanks to our clients, friends, employees, and partners for the trust you place in our company. Together, we’ll write another chapter of our story, overcoming challenges, pushing boundaries, and conquering new business.

Enjoy your reading.

José Eduardo Sabó