For this Automec, SABÓ, market leader and global benchmark in the development of sealing systems, displays many new features on the development of new technologies. Those who visit our booth will learn what the company is providing, in terms of products sold, to automakers in Brazil and abroad (USA, Europe and Asia), such as:


  • Gaskets for transmissions in aluminum with vulcanized rubber, giving the application a perfect functionality solution, greater durability and reliability. Systems with vulcanized gaskets allow greater efficiency in critical road conditions, absorbing wobbles (vibrations) better, helping to improve vehicle drivability. This solution is considered an improvement compared to solutions that use liquid silicone coating directly applied to gearboxes and/or engine blocks. In 2012, over 60 million gaskets were manufactured, having 0% of functionality problems returns (warranty returns).


  • BPS (Bonded Pistons Seals), part that uses high technology applied to automatic transmissions. They are used in the most modern automatic transmissions, with 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 speeds, manufactured worldwide (6T70/75 and GF6 = 6T30/40/45, from General Motors, and 6F and 6FMid, from Ford, in the USA, Mexico, Canada, China and Korea). These projects aided in the global recovery of General Motors (USA) in the last three years. SABÓ also offers BPS, seals and gaskets for the new X-30 automatic transmission, which is used in hybrid vehicles. This transmission/hybrid engine set reduces fuel consumption, resulting in emission reduction and, thus, improves air and environment quality (this transmission is used in the North-American GM VOLT, named car of the year in 2011).


(For best viewing, the booth will display replicas of the vehicles using SABÓ products along with their respective parts).




Always focused on the application of future technologies, ranging from the chemistry and physics aspects to, even, next-generation computing, SABÓ invests in the research of cutting-edge materials for the development and use in new products. 


SABÓ’s technology in Formula 1


Committed to the constant research of new technologies, SABÓ is developing solutions to reduce the friction applied to Formula 1 vehicles, in order to make it possible to gain more speed, present better aerodynamic downforce and stability through special treatments in airfoils and floors.


Fuel Cell


In its constant concern for the environment, SABÓ engages in the development of parts for engines and transmissions that aid in "clean power" generation (for hybrid, electric and Fuel Cell - hydrogen engine - vehicles.


Currently, SABÓ already manufactures Fuel Cell plates for non-automotive applications, such as stationary generators.


At the booth, it will be possible to see a Fuel Cell engine (hydrogen) prototype, developed by the SABÓ Group's Technology Team, which can be used in electric cars or even in non-automotive applications, such as power generators of various sizes (for farms, hospitals etc.).


All technology used by SABÓ is developed with strategic partners, such as universities and expertise institutes in Brazil and abroad, through researches and its own resources, exceeding customer expectations.


Tools such as FEA  (finite element analysis), DOE (design of experiments), durability, corrosion, mud and dust test benches, dynamometers, physicochemical analyzes, practical tests and computerized visual inspection, ensure and guarantee product quality. Such technologies help SABÓ to develop products with significant friction reduction, being fully in line with the INOVAR AUTO (a program adopted by the Brazilian Federal Government of Incentive to Technological Innovation and Increase of the Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Chain), aiming at reducing power and fuel consumption, as well as manufacturing more environmentally friendly products. 


Our booth is on Aisle K39 and there will be promoters and expertise technicians available to assistl repairers who visit us in search of news and information.


Paula Skoretzky

Press Officer

Phone: +55 11 96765-5957